pBLooK™ LED Transilluminator

Catalog No.: BK002

pBLooK™ is a remarkable blue light LED transilluminator can inspect the amplification result in tubes after PCR reaction. The excitation wavelength of the device is 470 nm, the best excitation condition suitable for most of all commercial fluorescent DNA staining dye. User can observe the signal simultaneously through the amber filter on the cover frame. Accordingly, AmaR OnePCR systems would be recommended to use from the initiation step, for the best detection condition.

*  Please be noted that pBLooK™ is not suitable for ethidium bromide.


Features and Benefits

  • The golden Angle of 4° ergonomic viewing and easy cutting.
  • Optimized for use with the nucleic acid fluorescent dyes.
  • Blue light source good for 30,000 hours.
  • No risk of UV damage for high-quality work experience.
  • Smart power-saving with automatic power shut-off when operating at 5 minutes.
  • Accessories with Gel-cutting knife for gel cutting application. A mini darkroom can apply with users’ mobile phone or camera become easy photographic equipment.

Device Description

Related Ordering Information

Product NameamaR OnePCR™amaR OnePCR™ HiFiamaR OnePCR™ HotStar
Catalog NumberSM213-0250SM215-0100SM216-0100


Unit dimensions (W × L × H)83 mm x 83 mm x 22 mm
Weight (g) 100 g100 g
Input voltageAAA Battery, 1.5V x 3 pieces
LED sourceBuilt-in blue light LED module
LED life (hours)>30000 hours
Emission maxima (nm)470 nm
Store temperature25°C
Operating temperature40°C
Filter typeAmber filter