Novel Green (10000X)

Catalog No.  SL002-0500

Size: 500 μl (10,000X in DMSO)

The Novel Green provides an easy 2-step method to stain the DNA bands from electrophoresis gel with high sensitivity and good quality. Novel Green is a next-generation DNA-binding dye which is ideal for use in quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) and many other applications. To exclude the mutagen/carcinogen features from EtBr and avoid presents a high-risk of cancer-causing environment, Novel Juice provides less PCR inhibition, safety, and stability and fluorescence spectra dye to users.
Furthermore, UV light not only causes skin or eye damage but also destroy DNA from DNA gel. Novel Juice can be observed by Blue light (470nm) and keep the DNA structure completed. Here, we recommend users to use it with our BLooK serial products to get the best results.





  • Easy disposal
    Passed environmental safety tests for direct disposal down the drain or in the regular trash.
  • Ultra-sensitive
    More sensitive than SYBR Green I
  • Flexible for different procedures
    Can be used for either precast or post gel staining.
  • Simple to use
    Very simple procedures for post gel staining.
  • Perfect Compatibility with a Standard UV or a Blue light Transilluminator
    Novel Green replaces EtBr with no optical setting change; Novel Green replaces SYBR Green I with no optical setting change.


Performance test data


Fig. 1 The 1 KB DNA Ladder (250-10,000 base pairs, SD010-R500, Simply Biologics) was 2X serial diluted (from 2 to 128 dilution, and the concentration of the red mark is 0.72 ng/ 5ul) and loaded in the 1% agarose gel. After electrophoresis, the gel was stained with Novel Green for 10 minutes. The gel was observed in the blue-light transilluminator.

Novel Green is excited at 497 nm but also shows a secondary excitation peak at 248 nm (Fig. 2a). After binding to DNA, the fluorescent emission of the Novel Green is centered at 524 nm (Fig. 2b). These spectral characteristics enable this fluorescent dye to be compatible with a wide variety of gel reading facilities.